Decadence EP

by Power Play

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Recorded over three days in a bedroom and after only two or three practices. This came out of nowhere. Thanks so much to Franklin Siplas and Revolution Rock Studio for making this happen.


released October 9, 2012

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Franklin Siplas at Revolution Rock Studio. Thanks Jay for helping with gang vocals. Cover photo and art by Dan Duquette.



all rights reserved


Power Play Worcester, Massachusetts

Seamus O'Connell - Vocals
Dan Duquette - Guitar
Jesse Smith-Bass
AJ Pottle - Percussion

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Track Name: Heavy Heart
Heavy heart like a stone in my chest
Bottom of the barrel, no better than the rest.
Track Name: Decadence
We do what makes us feel alive but who are we kidding
Day in, day out, we're still fucking empty
Searching for truth, we settle for lies
We don't notice dark clouds in the sky

Wasting away
More every day
Losing ourselves
To yesterdays

The same routine won't cut it for me.
Track Name: Pour
Your indecision weighs on me like a heavy heart.
I can't see where I stand alone and in the dark.
When I was with you time stood still
Now that you're gone time's catching up with me.

As my grandfather clock beats on
You were content but I still had hate.
For me, you had it all
But I can't keep digging my own grave.

You could bury me.
Track Name: Subterraneans
Dreaming of the open road
Under red skies, days filled with hope.
A new backdrop for empty wandering.

Thinking back to those long lost days
When I didn't have to fake a smile
I never had to try so hard.
Thinking back to those long lost memories
When I didn't have to try so hard
to keep my heart.

[Excerpt from Jack Kerouac's The Subterraneans]
Track Name: At Home
At home, at home, he can't find peace
A new problem on his doorstep every fucking week
Doesn't know what he wants, can't find what he needs
The phone rings so often he can hear it in his sleep
The old pipes bang to keep in the heat
Against the New England winter from which depression creeps.

This is no way to live, he says.
This is no way to live.